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HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs

About HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs

Arkansas Healthcare Practice Management

When looking for high quality healthcare or healthcare practice management look no further than HealthStar Physicians of Hot Springs. Healthstar was founded in 2000 and is an expanding outpatient health care system of experienced primary care and pediatric physicians organized for the sole purpose of delivering high quality clinical and social health care services. As premier Arkansas healthcare practice management, HealthStar providers and staff are highly respected and recognized as premier providers in our community.

As a premier Arkansas healthcare practice management company, our team of physicians, professional and administrative staff possess the experience necessary to provide quality healthcare and management services. For your convenience, HealthStar’s modern and innovative facilities are located in five locations including Hot Springs, Fountain Lake, Glenwood and a community based outpatient clinic for veteran patients in Mena. In addition to an Arkansas healthcare practice management company, each of our clinics utilize electronic medical records allowing us to share important medical information with outpatient facilities and specialist. Our patients are able to access their health record electronically to request appointments, medication refills and communicate with their provider & nurse or pay their bill.

Qualified Arkansas Healthcare Practice Management

Our physicians and professional staff are board certified and dedicated to bring you the best of primary care, pediatrics, geriatrics, women’s health and psychological counseling services. HealthStar understands the importance of good health & focuses on preventive health as well as managing chronic illnesses. HealthStar Research offers clinical trial opportunities to members of the community interested in participation of testing new drug therapies. HealthStar has been acknowledged for outstanding service provided through humanitarian efforts to charitable clinics, public education systems, law enforcement and various benevolent organizations.

Our Mission is to be a leader in patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and access.

Our Vision is to be a place where patients recommend their family and friends, where employees are proud to work, and that communities are proud to partner with.

Our Values are to put people first. Be an advocate for positive change. Be bold & think differently. Do the right thing.

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